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Help Parents organize children for School Dismissal.  Use our affordable Polyethylene Plastic CarLineSigns and CarLine Tags to assist the CarRider at School Dismissal.
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CarLineSigns -   Write the Name or Assigned Number of the Car Rider and display the Car Line Sign from the passenger's CarVisor when picking up your child in the CarRider Line.   


CarLine Tags: For added organization purchase the CarLine Tag.  Write the matching Car Rider number or Name on the CarLine Tag and secure to the child’s backpack with our T-Lock Strap.  At a glance, staff members will recognize
a CarRider.  


School Bus Tags: Attach the School Bus Tag to the backpack with our T-Lock strap and write the Bus number, Stop number, Seat number or Name of the student on the School Bus Tag.   At a glance, staff members will recognize that the student is a School Bus Rider.


Walk or Wheel to School Backpack Tag- Attach to the backpack of the student with our T-Lock strap.  Celebrate students that Walk or Bike to school.  Write Group Name or Number on the Walk or Wheel to school tag.


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Saves Time By:

Eliminating parents struggling to find their sign.
Eliminating parents holding hand held signs.
At a glance, staff members will recognize a Car Rider or a Bus Rider.


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